What happens when a festival transfigures a town: Community perspectives on rural festivals and place identity

A study exploring Goderich's community members perspectives on how festivals frame and develop place identity in rural areas.



Who I Am

My name is Jamie and I am a 4th year Recreation and Leisure Studies student at Brock University. I am currently completed my undergraduate thesis. I have decided to study community members diverse perspectives on how festivals can frame a rural area's place identity.


My Research

Diverse Perspectives on Place Identity

Research Study

- Studying how community members feel about festivals framing rural area's place identity 
- Are there differing perspectives among community members 
- How does this impact their sense of community

Research Setting

- This study will focus on the area of Goderich and the Festival of Wizardry 
- For the last three years, this Harry Potter themed festival has been framing the area to be a 'Harry Potter Town'

Participant Criteria

Participants must be:
- 18 years of age 
- Identify as a Goderich community member for at least the last 4 years

Participation Requirements

 Participants will be required to:

- Partake in a one-on-one, audio-taped, interview with myself 

- The interview will take no longer that 45 to 60 minutes 

- Interview questions will be based on their opinions on this festival, how it has impacted their community and their sense of community 


Next Steps

If you are interested in participating in this study please take a look at the consent form and then send me a message from the contact section below.

Consent Form


Interested? Then Contact Me

Contact me if you are interested in participating in this study so we can ensure that you meet the participant criteria or if you have any questions. Please mention your preferred contact method.


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